On a recent fall hike in the Eagles Nest Wilderness I encountered the most amazing conditions ever with clouds rolling in and out and I was mostly inside the clouds for the hike. This led to beautiful atmospheric shots that I am sharing below. The aspen trees were peak color this day and it was raining off and on. I encountered several animals this day, such as a very curious and beautiful pine marten that hopped by and looked at me as well as a grouse and several deer. I did not photograph any of them (wrong lenses on the camera) and just enjoyed their presence.

The fogginess gave everything a wonderful hazy and subdued feel which I think enhanced the color and radiance of the aspen trees. It was raining of and on and the trees moved in and out of visibility

I found many small scenes such as this one with multiple colors leaves mixed. These leaves were assembled on top of a broken open aspen tree that was next to the trail. It is interesting to me how some leaves retain their water repulsion with the rain water beading up.

At times the clouds and fog were so thick you could barely still see the tops of the trees which gave for a wonderful effect on their color making it almost iridescent. At times the clouds opened up a bit and I could see the lake below me. The mountains of the Gore range took much longer to peak out though.

The eye

Cataract lake shining through the clouds

The sun peered through at moments and made the trees glow brightly. Cataract lake looks a bit like an eye from above. The short hike around the lake is highly recommended in fall for obvious reasons. Strangely this is not a very busy place. The entire ~12 mile hike I did, I did not see anybody and I only saw one other car parked at the lake trailhead looking from above. Below I will post a few more images from this amazing place and time and will let the images speak for themselves.

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